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Report: Abuja-Kaduna Railway Transports 6.5 Million Passengers in Seven Years



Kaduna Abuja railway

As stated in the document, the railway has provided a crucial transportation link between Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, and the significant industrial city of Kaduna in the north.

“Not only has it improved the investment climate, but it has also facilitated trade, the movement of people, and the transportation of goods between these two major cities, promoting economic development in the area and surrounding urban regions.

Of particular note is its role in stimulating commercial growth around passenger stations.

The implementation and operation of the Abuja-Kaduna Railway have had a profound impact on Nigeria’s economy. In its seven years of operation, it has safely transported almost 6.57 million passengers, providing a safe, comfortable, efficient, and punctual mode of travel for both residents and visitors,” the document stated.

The Chinese Embassy emphasized that the railway has significantly integrated Kaduna into the capital region’s development sphere, driving economic growth along the railway corridor, creating a large number of direct and indirect employment opportunities, and establishing a strong foundation for the continued adoption of Chinese standards.

“CCECC has not only constructed infrastructure but has also transferred expertise, cultivating a substantial pool of railway professionals, ensuring that Nigeria has ample talent resources for railway modernization and sustainable development,” it added.