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PDP BoT Member: Obaseki Can’t Halt Shaibu’s Ambition



Idahosa highlighted that it is evident that the deputy governor’s next logical step is to aspire to a higher position and that it is not within the governor’s authority to impede his deputy from aspiring to such a position.

He expressed his disappointment with the publicized dispute and the comments made by leaders in Edo State. Idahosa attributed the problem to weak leadership and the fear of confronting those in power with the truth.

Idahosa said, “The governor has no right to limit the political ambition of the deputy governor. Obaseki did not need to fight Shaibu; the dispute was completely unnecessary. What he should have done is to present his candidate to the party leaders, who would then work for that candidate, instead of allowing the situation to deteriorate.

“The treatment meted out to deputy governors in the country will make the position less attractive. After serving as deputy governor, the natural progression is to aspire to the position of governor. So, Shaibu has done nothing wrong.”

Idahosa, a former political adviser to ex-Governor Adams Oshiomhole, also emphasized that the next governor of the state should be a “homeboy” who is familiar with the local political landscape. He added that those advocating for a particular zone to produce the governor should recognize that there has never been a time in the political history of the state when a zone had the exclusive right to present the governor.

“When it comes to politics, we need someone who understands the local terrain and is deeply connected to the people. We should not bring in someone who is unfamiliar with us. This time, we need someone who is one of us,” stressed Idahosa.

Idahosa also commented on the internal division within the PDP, saying, “I hope that the PDP can resolve its internal issues before the election.”