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Ogun State Plans Rehabilitation of 100 Roads




Adeshina advised the state’s citizens to be patient, acknowledging that all roads cannot be rehabilitated at once but rather gradually. He stressed that road rehabilitation is an ongoing process and that the Ogun State Public Works Agency is considering prioritizing primary roads before addressing secondary ones.

“100-year problems cannot be solved in one day. I appeal for your patience; the roads are many, and we have to start somewhere. Once we’ve started and continue at this pace, in the next few years, we will have covered a lot of ground,” he said.

Adeshina further disclosed that the government is committed to completing the other side of every dual-carriageway that has already undergone construction across the state.

He lamented that the rain had posed a significant obstacle, often washing away the repair materials used on the roads.

Adeshina advised citizens to refrain from any unauthorized methods of disposing refuse that blocks the road drainages, hindering the smooth flow of water and causing damage to the roads.

He also urged motorists to adhere to the designated speed limits assigned to each road by law.