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NSCDC Condemns Destruction of Government Facilities



He stated, “After the installation of these facilities that are provided by the government, unscrupulous individuals vandalize them soon after. This is happening in almost all our cities and towns. It is a waste of the money used to provide these facilities, which comes from tax revenue.”

Mohammed appealed to the public not to view government properties or facilities as belonging to nobody, but rather as their own that need protection. He emphasized that a significant amount of money is spent by the government to replace the vandalized facilities. Failure to replace them adversely affects the lives of many citizens due to the actions of a few disgruntled individuals.

The suspects paraded include Awal Issa, 18; Ibrahim Musa, 19; Ibrahim Mohammed, 15; Yau Yahaya, 19; Aliu Abubakar, 24; Sulaiman Abubakar, 18; and Musa Adisa, 21.

The commandant also revealed that the suspects were arrested for allegedly stealing electrical cables. He added that Yau Yahaya and Musa Ibrahim, who were scrap dealers in the Tanke Oke Odo area of Ilorin, were accused of stealing electric cables from the Jalala Staff Quarters of the university.