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Lafarge Africa Takes the Lead in Green Mobility with Electric Truck



Lafarge Africa
Lafarge Africa Plc, a renowned company specializing in sustainable building solutions, has introduced an electric vehicle truck to its supply chain fleet.

In partnership with Tolaram, this groundbreaking launch becomes the first of its kind in Africa, showcasing Lafarge Africa’s unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and inventive solutions for a more environmentally-friendly future.

As part of its ‘Accelerating Green Mobility’ strategy, Lafarge Africa aims to significantly reduce the carbon footprint within its supply chain, according to a company statement.

During the EV truck launch at the Ewekoro factory, the CEO of Lafarge Africa Plc, Lolu Alade-Akinyemi, lauded the occasion as a major milestone in their sustainability journey.

Alade-Akinyemi stated that the introduction of Nigeria’s first heavy goods electric vehicle truck demonstrates Lafarge’s commitment to innovation and environmentally responsible practices.

He further revealed the company’s ongoing efforts to integrate eco-friendly practices, highlighting the positive impact they have on the environment and stakeholders.

The CEO emphasized that the EV truck offers quieter, smoother, and safer operations, enhancing efficiency and customer experience while contributing to a healthier planet.

Osaze Aghatise, the Logistics Director at Lafarge Africa Plc, underlined the significance of the EV truck in the company’s logistics strategy, marking a shift towards eco-friendly and sustainable transportation.

Aghatise reiterated the company’s commitment to industry leadership, showcasing their dedication to competitive and sustainable supply chains.

He reflected on their progress, starting with the introduction of Compressed Natural Gas trucks in 2017 and expanding their efforts in 2021 with an additional 50 CNG trucks.