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Israel Army Reports 16 Soldiers Killed Since Tuesday



Israeli army

Since Friday, Israeli troops have engaged in ground combat with Hamas militants, complemented by intense airstrikes and artillery barrages, causing significant civilian casualties in the Palestinian territory.

Of the sixteen soldiers killed, fifteen died during conflicts with Hamas militants inside Gaza, while one soldier was killed outside the territory. The Israeli military did not provide additional details regarding the soldier’s cause of death.

Additionally, clashes have occurred between Israeli forces and Hezbollah and other militant groups along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon, resulting in the deaths of eight soldiers.

In response to the most devastating attack in Israeli history, which occurred on October 7 and claimed the lives of 1,400 individuals, predominantly civilians, Israeli forces have relentlessly targeted Gaza. According to Israeli officials, the ongoing bombing campaign has resulted in the deaths of 8,796 people as reported by Gaza’s health ministry, which is overseen by Hamas.

A group of AFP reporters witnessed an escalation in Israeli ground incursion as more tanks crossed the border into northern Gaza. Israel’s ground offensive was launched late last week. The dire circumstances in Gaza persist, with aid groups reporting shortages of food, fuel, and medicine among the 2.4 million residents.
Since the October 7 attacks, Israel has lost a minimum of 331 soldiers.