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Former Presidential Aspirant Calls for Peace Amidst Rivers State House of Assembly Attack



Tein Jack Rich

”In the early hours of October 30, 2023, I received numerous calls and reports regarding the extensive attack and desecration of the Rivers State House of Assembly, a symbol of democracy.

”It’s important to recognize that safeguarding the temple of our democracy is a sacred pledge we, as political actors, have all taken, regardless of class.

”Therefore, any attempt to assault the legislature or seize control of it does not ensure security, but rather reveals political weakness,” expressed the politician in a statement provided to our correspondent in Abuja.

He further emphasized that when the legislature is targeted anywhere in the world, democracy itself is at risk.

”We cannot sacrifice the peace of our democratic journey on the altar of fear of dictatorship or authoritarianism.

”My plea is for peace and for Rivers State to align with President Bola Tinubu’s federal administration to benefit from its economic master plan,” he added.