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FG, Labour talks rescheduled for Tuesday



The meeting between the organised labour and the Federal Government, which was scheduled for today to address the demands laid out in a Memorandum of Understanding, has been postponed.

A spokesperson for the Nigeria Labour Congress, in a conversation with NewsNow, revealed that the meeting has been rescheduled for next Tuesday.

According to the spokesperson, the Federal Government requested the postponement because they mistakenly scheduled it on the same day as their Federal Executive Council meeting.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the outstanding demands and assess the progress made so far, in order to reach an agreement before any further actions are taken.

The organised labour expressed their lack of confidence in the Minister of Labour’s participation in the meeting.

“The organised labour suspended the planned strike action and gave the Federal Government 30 days to meet our demands,” the spokesperson said.

Additionally, the spokesperson explained that once the ultimatum expires, an organ meeting will be called to evaluate the actions taken by the Federal Government.

He added, “If the organs believe that the government’s actions are inadequate and not in line with the agreement signed, they will provide fresh directives on how to handle the situation without prior notice of industrial action.”

According to him, if the government has not taken sufficient action according to the organs, they may order an immediate industrial action.

However, he highlighted that the organised labour’s demands are public knowledge, and it is up to every Nigerian and worker to assess the government’s compliance.

Meanwhile, he emphasized that it should be the government’s responsibility to inform organised labour and Nigerians about the demands they have met so far.

However, he revealed that the Federal Government has not fulfilled many of the labour’s demands.

He further stated that everything will be reviewed at the next meeting to determine the best way forward.

The Secretary General of the Trade Union Congress, Mr Toro Nuhu, also spoke with NewsNow, stating that the scheduled meeting between organised labour and the Federal Government will assess the progress made and discuss the outstanding demands.