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FG Aims to Promote Financial Inclusion in MDAs



According to a statement from the Director of Press and Public Relations, Stephen Kilebi, on Wednesday, the training has the theme “Service-Wide Financial Literacy in the Workplace program on Financial Inclusion.”

Ogbonna emphasized the global attention given to financial inclusion due to its significant role in economic development and poverty reduction.

She highlighted that the decision to launch an awareness campaign and enhance the capacity of the public sector workforce on financial literacy was driven by the poor knowledge of financial inclusion among a significant number of Nigeria’s public employees.

Ogbonna expressed concern over the fact that many employees in the public sector have poor financial literacy, resulting in the habit of earning solely for consumption.

She stated, “The objective is to empower workers and equip them with financial knowledge to make informed decisions and practice discipline in managing their finances, thereby promoting a national culture of saving, smart investments, and proper retirement planning for public sector workers.”

She urged the participants to take the training seriously, emphasizing its potential to create value for them, their families, and their workplaces.