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Confirmation of the new FIRS Chair by the Senate Along with a Promise to Review Tax Waivers



Zacch Adedeji
On Tuesday, Zaccheus Adedeji was screened and confirmed by the Senate as the Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service.

In an acting capacity, President Bola Tinubu appointed Adedeji in September, following his directive for Muhammad Nami to take a three-month pre-retirement leave.

During his address to the lawmakers, Adedeji pledged to re-evaluate the significance of tax waivers for certain organizations at the FIRS under his leadership.

He stated, “With your support, we will re-evaluate all the waivers and carefully consider their economic importance, determining whether they are useful or not.

“Our main challenge is the lack of data. When we ask these entities how much tax they should pay, we receive inconsistent responses.

“One of my goals is to build a strong foundation of data upon which we can make informed decisions. By having accurate data, we can plan effectively and eliminate the need to inquire about tax amounts repeatedly.

“We will also focus on centralizing the identification system, with the NIN becoming the primary identity for everyone. All relevant information will be connected to the NIN.”