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BREAKING NEWS: NLC President, Ajaero, Arrested in Owerri



Reports suggest that Comrade Joe Ajaero, the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), has been taken into custody.

According to sources, Ajaero was apprehended by the Nigerian Police in Owerri, the capital of Imo state. His arrest occurred during a planned demonstration by workers protesting the delayed payment of wages in the state.

Around 8 am on Wednesday, as workers commenced their gathering at the NLC Secretariat for the protest, a group of individuals armed with dangerous weapons stormed the premises and attacked them, forcing them to disperse.

The workers regrouped at the Secretariat, this time led by the NLC President and General Secretary, Emma Ugboaja, to proceed with the protest.

As Ajaero was about to address the crowd, a team of armed policemen arrived and apprehended him, along with some other NLC officials.

To disperse the workers, several gunshots were fired.

NLC’s Head of Information and Publicity, Benson Upah, confirmed the arrest, stating that Ajaero had been taken into custody by the police.

He stated, “The NLC President was abducted by heavily armed men suspected to be policemen at the Imo state NLC Secretariat on Wednesday as we were about to commence our lawful protest against the violation of trade union rights of the workers.”

Additionally, NLC Deputy General Secretary and Chief of Staff to the NLC President, Chris Onyeka, recounted the incident, stating that he was with Ajaero when the arrest took place.

“As workers were gathering in Owerri, Imo state, to protest their mistreatment by the government, and the NLC President was preparing to address them, the police arrived amidst attacks by thugs and apprehended Ajaero.

“Thugs initially attacked and forcibly removed Ajaero from the platform before the police arrested him, along with another senior NLC official,” he explained.

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