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Attack on Radio Nigeria FM Station in Kwara by Hoodlums



In the early hours of Tuesday, a group of four hoodlums attacked the Radio Nigeria FM station in Idofian town, located in Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State.

Arriving on two motorcycles, the hoodlums proceeded to vandalize the station and steal valuable items, including cables.

The daring hoodlums carried out their operation at 4 am, after restraining and brutally assaulting the night guard.

Additionally, reports indicate that they also confiscated the phones of the staff members present during the invasion.

Due to the damage done to the cables, the FM frequency owned by the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, FRCN, had to suspend its operations.

In response to the incident, Hajia Binta Abubakar Mora, Assistant Director of Programmes and representative of the station’s General Manager, expressed her displeasure, emphasizing that it posed a significant threat to the broadcast industry in Nigeria.

She stated, “This is a major threat to the broadcasting industry in Nigeria. Similar incidents have occurred at our sister stations in Lokoja, Kogi State, and Lafia, Nassarawa State.”

“Currently, we are unable to broadcast. The damage has already been done. The armored cables that were affected are quite expensive. Repairing this has become a burden for management,” she explained to reporters while giving them a tour of the station’s premises.

Hajia Mora added, “However, the safety and well-being of our staff members who were on duty during the incident are more important than any damage caused. If anything worse had occurred, it would have been a tragic story. We are thankful that it didn’t escalate beyond this.”

She expressed concerns about the station’s location and appealed to the Nigerian government for assistance to resume operations.

Hajia Mora also urged the government to improve the working environment, making it safer and more conducive for the staff, as she stressed that the current location is not favorable enough.