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Agri Expert Urges Stakeholders to Embrace Cassava Farming




During a recent event at the Federal College of Agriculture Ibadan, Ogunbayo urged governments at all levels to support the contributions of farmers to the nation’s food security, stating that promoting cassava farming on a larger scale could create job opportunities for millions of unemployed Nigerians, particularly those in rural areas.

Ogunbayo further called on the government to intervene in areas such as investment, technological advancements, and the formulation of favorable policies to enhance farmers’ productivity.

He believes that although cassava farming has its own set of demands, it requires minimal capital investment and has the potential for significant income generation. By encouraging farmers to cultivate cassava, both food insecurity and unemployment can be addressed simultaneously.

Ogunbayo envisions a future where agriculture is not only seen as a means of sustenance but also as a prosperous business venture. He emphasizes the importance of supporting farmers to ensure food self-sufficiency and economic empowerment for all Nigerians.

Also addressing the event, Oluwakemi Augustus, the Provost of the institution, emphasized the significance of education and capacity building in the agricultural sector.

Augustus called on the government to diversify the agricultural sector as a means to address the root causes of hunger and unemployment.