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Abia Market Traders Deny Involvement in Criminal Activities



Map of Abia State

During a raid conducted by security agencies, Governor Alex Otti announced on Sunday that they had uncovered 50 dead bodies, 20 headless decomposing bodies, and skeletons in the forest close to the cattle market.

Governor Otti also mentioned that the market will be fenced and transformed into a daily market in order to curb criminal activities in the area.

However, Abdullahi’s statement refuted the government’s plans to convert the market into a daily market, stating that it would result in driving the traders away from the state.

He explained that the traders were given the market, which spans 80 hectares, as a donation in 2005, and the market currently accommodates over 15,000 traders.

Abdullahi further emphasized that both the northern community and the traders in the market fully support the state government’s efforts to tackle criminal activities in the market. He pleaded with the governor to allow them to continue residing in the market to conduct their business.

He stated, “If the government decides to fence the market, demolish our houses, and compel us to live in the neighboring villages, it means that the government has effectively driven us away from Abia State.

“Living in the village is not a viable option for us due to the large amount of cash we generate from our daily sales. We do not have banks nearby where we can deposit our money.”

Abdullahi also highlighted that, in the past, community leaders have collaborated with security agencies to identify criminal hideouts near the market. The state government, under the supervision of former Commissioner of Police, Mrs. Janet Agbede, has dismantled these hideouts.

He concluded, “It is evident that we are victims of these crimes and criminal activities, not the accomplices.”