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Sylva campaign council criticizes Bayelsa governor after Appellate Court victory



Douye Diri

The campaign team also warned that the era of candidates using “backdoor” methods to become governor is over.

This reaction comes after the immediate-past Minister of State for Petroleum Resources was given the go-ahead by the Appeal Court to participate in the November 11 governorship election in Bayelsa State.

In a unanimous decision by a three-member panel of justices, the court overturned a previous ruling by the Federal High Court in Abuja, which had disqualified Sylva from competing in the governorship election.

In response, the Secretary of Bayelsa APC Media and Publicity Committee, Yekini Nabena, praised the judgment in a statement. He stated that it will enable Sylva to focus on rectifying the alleged poor governance that the people have endured over the past four years.

He added, “Diri has never been known to win any election but consistently manages to occupy the esteemed seat through unconventional means, ignoring the popular mandate of the electorate. We want to make it clear to Governor Diri and his associates that there is no room for under-the-table victories in this election. Either you play by the rules or step down, because no court can save Diri from a resounding defeat this time around.

“We are determined to prevent history from repeating itself, as Governor Diri has never won a fair electoral contest and the people of Bayelsa are tired of having an accidental Governor.

“Our people are longing for development, and our candidate’s clear six-point agenda will be the solution. With the experience of our exceptional candidate, his connection with the APC at the national level, and the Renewed Hope Agenda, we promise to give the people of Bayelsa a fresh start once we are able to remove this inefficient and wasteful government.”