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Protest Leads to Commencement of Palliative Work on Benin-Agbor Road



Benin Agbor Road

One worker mentioned, “Our objective is to make the road motorable through the palliative work. However, there is still more work to be done in order to ensure the road is in optimal condition. Hopefully, the ongoing repairs will alleviate the difficulties faced by the people.”

A truck driver named Sam expressed his belief that the road wouldn’t have deteriorated if it had been properly maintained by the government.

He stated, “The lack of proper maintenance is a significant issue when it comes to roads in the country. It’s unfortunate that the road had to reach such a bad state before people had to protest for it to be fixed. The protest caused a lot of wasted time, which was detrimental to business operations.”

“I hope they complete the repairs they have started so that we don’t have to suffer during the upcoming Christmas period,” he added.