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Bola Tinubu Sends N2.18tn Supplementary Budget to National Assembly



Tinubu signs

Recently, the National Assembly passed the 2023 Appropriation Act of N819.5bn, which allocated N500bn for a palliative package to mitigate the impact of the government’s recent economic policies.

In the letter, the President stated that the supplementary budget was necessary for public servant wages, a cash program for vulnerable Nigerians, road infrastructure, and security enhancements.

The letter read, “It is now necessary to provide further support, including wage increases for public servants and an expanded cash program for vulnerable members of our society.

“Additionally, defense is crucial for maintaining peace and securing lives and property, without which the administration’s economic agenda cannot be achieved.”

The letter also stated, “Moreover, critical investments are needed to construct infrastructures, particularly roads, starting in the current dry season.”

“Accordingly, another supplementary bill is now submitted for the consideration of this assembly.”